BlueVoice Services

15 years of experience in designing and configuring recording solutions.

Design, installation, configuration

Each communication setup needs it’s own recording solution, tailored on it’s particular deployment, technology and protocols, and featured-up on the specific business model and requirements.

Our engineers have extended recording expertise, built in over 200 different projects, over 15 years. In our projects we deployed both physical and virtual BlueVoice  machines, recording all types of lines, in different combinations. We designed recording solutions for various industries: dispatches and operational centers, special telecommunication vehicles, airports, banks with vast networks of subsidiaries, telecom providers and call centers from Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.

NBD intervention

In most cases, the continuity of recording is very important, so support services are a must. Depending on the time of response and the time of resolution you need, you can choose Next Business Day Intervention, 4 Hours Intervention with HotSpare, or a custom support service.

The support services can cover application assistance, preventive maintenance, corrective intervention, root-cause analysis, minor updates and bug fixes, adaptive maintenance and minor enhancements to align to phone system expansions.

Next Business Day Intervention standard service provides remote or on-site Level 1, 2 and 3 support, with 24 hours response (Next Business Day) and work-around resolution in 48 or 72 hours for critical incidents. This service model can be customized to best fit your support needs.

Support tickets are managed transparently trough a dedicated RT system.

4 hours

4 Hours Intervention support service guarantees a 4 hours response, with Next Business Day resolution by workaround and it is recommended in critical recording applications. Depending on system’s configuration and client’s requirements this service can include a HotSpare BlueVoice server.

Onsite intervention is supported by our local certified partners, if needed.

All support tickets are managed transparently trough a dedicated RT system.

On demand

Maybe the most important advantage in choosing BlueVoice  is the development on-demand service. You can ask for any supplementary feature or third-party integration and we will be happy to implement it on your BlueVoice, to best suit your recording and management needs.

We will discuss together your usage requirements, transpose them into technical specifications, and agree on the best technical solution.