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S.C. BlueNote Communications S.A.

Address: Iași, Str. Stejar, Nr. 18, Construcția C1, 700 327, Jud. Iași
Phone: 0232.265.995
Fax: 0232.265.965

Unique registration code: RO15146404
Registration Number at the Trade Registry: J22/101/2003
Social capital paid out: 105000 RON

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  • Are you a call center integrator?
  • Do you install telephone centrals?

If you have customers in the call center area, financial or dispatched institutions, you have already met with requests for telephone and radio communications recording systems.

Why choose us?

We are the only Romanian recording system producers with over 12 years of experience and over 200 successfully implemented projects, which translates into:

  • Fast local support for any technical questions or issues, from solution configuration, to incident resolution, and personalized development
  • Unbeatable prices for both systems and services.
  • Very advantageous partnership conditions.
  • Solid technology, tested in many communication ecosystems.
  • Support for most of the communications systems vendors.
  • Flexibility in quick customization, according to customer requirements.