BlueNote Communications SA

A company built out of passion for technology.

for technology

The BlueVoice  solution is developed by BlueNote Communications SA, a company set up in 2003 in Iasi by a group of passionate technology engineers.

Company Values

Innovation through curiosity and passion
We consider each project to be a challenge. We believe innovation is based on curiosity and passion.

Expertise and team experience are the basis for finding the best technical solutions in the long run, tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Focus on customer
Beyond technical complexity, the true value of any solution lies in the capacity at which it is exploited. Ergonomics in use and constant technical support are the premises on which we build long-term relationships with our customers.

Continuous Development

The development of BlueVoice  began in 2003 and continues today, with each project being a new challenge in terms of:

  • compatibility with new protocols for interfacing with new generations of PBXs and telephones
  • optimization for installations in various architectures (hybrid environments, distribution headquarters, integration with enterprise management solutions, virtualization, backup)
  • adapting to new needs of sharing the access to records
  • aggregating and reporting data to meet the audit needs of each client
  • answering the dynamic security challenges.