BlueVoice Benefits

The only phone recorder developed in Romania!

BlueVoice este a recording framework developed by BlueNote Communications since 2003 to deliver turn-key call recording solutions for 99% of the proprietary communication technologies.

Call recording was never easier! The versatile architecture opens a wide range of deployment options:

  • Embedded “black-box” recorder or virtualization-ready.
  • Equipped and configured to record analog signals (phone lines, radio stations, microphones, premicells), digital proprietary PABX, E1 trunks, VoIP telephony on various protocols, and any combination of them.
  • Single or multiple locations centralized recording or redundant recording.
  • Partitioned deployment for backup and continuity.

Why recording?

Add more value to your services using a call recorder to offer your clients the recordings of their campaigns.

Let the recordings be the proof of your performance and enjoy the benefits of a real trust based relationship with your clients.

Increase your first contact resolution rate by permanently monitoring the phone interactions you have with your clients.

Perform continuous assessment of  agents performance and coach them “in call” using live monitoring.

Supervise the compliance of voice communications with the laws, industry regulations and your internal procedures.

Including calls evaluation in QA policies is important for companies and public institutions that communicate mainly by phone.

Evaluate agents’ performance by periodic analysis and live monitoring of their phone interactions.

An objective assessment of your agents’ work can give you not only a fair motivation tool, but also important hints of training necessities.

Simply search, retrieve and share the recording with the other party involved in a call, to objectively solve any dispute or misunderstanding.

This fair approach of the conflict will lead to immediate dispute resolution and an increased trust level between the two parties.

The companies and institutions in certain industries, like banking, public safety and dispatchers have the legal obligation to record their phone calls and radio communications for audit and investigation purposes.

Some other companies include recording in their internal regulations, in order to keep trace of critical information or to assess the response times of critical interventions.

4 arguments to choose BlueVoice

The BlueVoice system has been installed in hundreds of different configurations, responding to different business needs, from call centers to dispatchers, recording in various topologies, trunks and analog, digital and VoIP extensions, on Siemens, Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, Alcatel, and other centrals.

The recording technology has been permanently adapted throughout this time to meet the challenges of the evolution of telephone systems.

Our engineers and programmers have over 15 years of experience in designing and configuring recording solutions, totaling more than 200 projects.

In our projects, we installed physical and virtual machines, and we recorded all kinds of lines, on different technologies, in a wide variety of working environments: dispatchers, intervention machines, branch networks distributed by subsidiaries, telephony providers, airports, call centers in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.

BlueVoice solutions come with unbeatable prices for support services and updates.

In addition, on-the-spot interventions of competing solutions have prohibitive prices, caused by the necessary international relocation and accommodation of specialized engineers. BlueVoice being a local business, such issues are of no concern..

BlueVoice is the only Romanian call recording solution, which gives it the unique advantage of receiving fast local support for all support levels.

Moreover, in addition to remote response times of up to 4 hours, you can benefit from Next Business Day onsite support directly from the producer – a facility that none of our competitors will be able to provide.

List of the main proprietary protocols supported:

AVAYA | Bosch (Tenovis) | Cisco | Comdial | EADS (Astra) (Nortel) | eOn | Ericsson / Aastra | ESI | Fujitsu | Panasonic | Philips | Rockwell | Samsung | Harris | InterTel | 1TR6 | LG – Nortel / Ericsson | Mitel | Nakayo | NEC | Nitsuko (now NEC) | Nortel | Siemens | ShoreTel | Tadiran | Telrad | Toshiba.